Scientific American's "The Amateur Scientist": The Complete 20th Century Collection on CD-ROM 

Shawn Carlson
Sheldon Greaves

CD-ROM: 2100 pages

Publisher: Tinker's Guild, LLC; ISBN: 097034760X; (September 20, 2000)

Over 1,000 science projects in one fully-searchable CD, plus thousands of pages of supplementary information for the science enthusiast. All projects are rated for cost, difficulty and hazards. Ever since its debut in 1928, "The Amateur Scientist" has stimulated hundreds of thousands of science fair projects, inspired innumerable amateur experiments, launched careers in technology, and enjoyed a place of honor in classrooms and school libraries all over the world. "The Amateur Scientist" is the premier publication for hands-on science. Always accessible to an amateurís budget, projects from "The Amateur Scientist" are often elegant and sophisticated. Some designs have been so innovative that they have set new standards in a field. Many professionals borrow from "The Amateur Scientist" to find low-cost solutions to real-world research problems.