Chemical Magic 


Leonard A. Ford

Paperback: 109 pages 

Publisher: Dover Pubns; ISBN: 0486676285; 2nd edition (August 1993)

The activities in this book are not intended for home use; however, they work great as class demonstrations and/or student activities. There are a lot of excellent attention-grabbing results.

Ford's "Chemical Magic" is a book which harkens from a past era when chemicals probably were more easily obtained than today. The reading is quick and fascinating, and his summaries of why things work are very nicely done.

The result of passing time is that some of the materials used in some experiments may be difficult or even impossible to procure. However, you shouldn't allow this to dissuade you from getting this book - the experiments you  can perform will provide you quite a lot of enjoyment.

Caution, however, is in order: Some of the reagents used are corrosive, poisonous, or even explosive.