Crystal Growth in Gels


Heinz. K. Henisch

Paperback: 112 pagina's

Publisher: Dover Pubns; (1970/1996) ISBN: 0486689158


The book is a good starting-point for everyone interested in crystal growing in inorganic silicate gels. Although it is limited to sodiummetasilicate-gels (more or less ignoring any other gelling media), it provides the reader with very useful hints and applications of this special crystal growing technique. Starting with the basics of the method, the reader is introduced to the mechanism and "background" of the chemical and physical properties of the gels as well as the crystals grown in such gels


  1. History and nature of the gel method
  2. Gel structure and properties
  3. Growth mechanisms and characteristics
  4. Nucleation
  5. Problems solved and unsolved    

First book ever printed on growing crystals in a gel medium provides thorough description of the procedure, its history and future potential, and offers an extensive course of study on the physical and chemical processes involved.