Inquiry-based experiments in chemistry


Valeri Ludwig Lechtanski


Hardcover: 252 pages

Publisher: American Chemical Society; ISBN: 0841235708; (May 2000)

This collection of 35 experiments for use in a high school chemistry class requires students to develop all or part of the lab procedures and decide what data to record and how to analyze the data. Provides a more accurate and realistic experience of scientific investigation and thought for the high school chemistry or physical science student.

Students taught with inquiry-based methods have been shown to make significant progress in their ability to formulate hypotheses, make proper assumptions, design and execute investigations, understand variables, record data, and synthesize new knowledge. The inquiry-based approach encourages curiosity and openness, and fosters a stronger sense of responsibility and satisfaction in the students who are taught with it. This text presents a series of experiments that are intended to serve as the solid basis for a first-year chemistry or physical sciences course, using an inquiry based approach. Each chapter provides: 1)instructions for an experiment; 2) teachers notes that give the instructor more in-depth information about the technical nature and intellectual objectives of the experiment; and 3) a sample lab report that provides representative data and lists a composite of sources of typical errors.


  • Identifying Unknown Metals
  • Is density an Intensiev or Extansive Property of Matter
  • Does Density Vary with the Form of a Substance?
  • The Graphical and Mathematical Relationship between Mass and Volume
  • Determining the Density of Carbon Dioxide
  • Determining the Percentage Composition of a Mixture
  • Heat of Fusion of Ice
  • Heat of Crystallization of Wax
  • Determining the Specific Heat of a Metal
  • ......