A Guide for the Perplexed Organic Experimentalist


H.J.E. Loewenthal

Hardcover: 239 pagina's

Publisher: Wiley: 2de druk (1992); ISBN 0471917125



  1. On Searching the Literature. The Important Sources. Using your Head
  2. On Searching the Literature-Using the Computer (and Your Head) to Retrieve Structures, references, Reactions and Data Online
  3. Basic Safety Rules
  4. Running Small-scale Reactions in the Research Laboratory
  5. Isolating and Purifying the Product
  6. Solvents
  7. Which Base should I Use?
  8. On Small-scale Distillation
  9. On Hydrogenation-The Cinderella of the Organic Chemist
  10. On Keeping it Clean
  11. Bottling Things Up

It is not the book you need if you are looking for a systematic teaching in organic chemistry lab; rather, it a casual chatting between you and an experienced senior coworker, who comments the everyday life in organic lab in humorous (sometimes cynical) way.