Guidebook to organic synthesis


Raymond. K. Mackie and David M. Smith

Paperback: 338 pagina's 

Uitgever: Longman (1982); ISBN 0582455928

Introduction to the theory and practice of synthesis in organic chemistry.


  • Introduction
  • Functionalism and interconversion of functional groups
  • Formation of carbon-carbon bonds; the principles
  • Formation of carbon-carbon bonds; reactions of organometallic compounds
  • Formation of carbon-carbon bonds; the use of stabilised carbanions and related nucleophiles
  • Formation of carbon-heteroatom bonds; the principles
  • Ring closure (and ring opening)
  • Reduction
  • Oxidation
  • Protective groups
  • Boron reagents
  • Phosphorous reagents
  • Silicon reagents
  • Selected synthesis
  • Further reading