Chemistry Experiments for Children

Virginia L. Mullin

Paperbackr: 96 pagina's

Publisher: Dover Pubn: 1968 (1961); ISBN: 0486220311

  1. Before you begin
  2. The language of chemistry
  3. Setting up your laboratory
    Equipment You Will Need ... Chemicals You Will Need
  4. Laboratory techniques
    Safety Rules
  5. Chemicals in the air
    How you can measure the proportion of oxygen in air...How you can show that the gas you exhale contains carbon dioxide ... ... How water vapor behaves in air: The rain cycle 
  6. The chemistry of water
    How you can decompose water by electrolysis ... ... How you can change hard water to soft water.
  7. The chemistry of solutions, diffusion and osmosis
    What happens when you mix a solid and a liquid ... ... Another way of observing osmosis
  8. The chemistry of crystals
    How you can detect water of hydration ... ... How to grow giant crystals
  9. The chemistry of fire
    How you can discover what a flame is ... ... How to make another fuel
  10. The chemistry of acis, bases and salts
    How you can tell an acid from a base ... How you can neutralize an acid with a base
  11. The chemistry of photography
    How you can see the effect of sunlight on hydrogen peroxide ... ... How to print a picture from a negative or making a positive.
  12. The chemistry of everyday things
    How to make rayon thread ... ... How you can make soap and discover how it cleans

What better way is there to learn than by doing? This unusual book enables children to carry out more than 40 experiments and demonstrations, carefully planned to illustrate important principles of modern science. Clear step-by-step instructions, frequent diagrams, clear statemenst of conclusion all enable the young student to carry through these experiments with minimal supervision, yet full success.