Demonstrations in Modern Physics


M.C. Nokes


Hardcover: 134 pagina's

Publisher: William Heinemann; (1952)


  • The conduction of electricity through gases
    Discharge tubes
    The mcleaod gauge
  • Demonstrations with the diffusion Pump
    Thermoionic emission
  • The measuremnt of e/m for elctrons
  • Positive Ray Parabolas and the measurement of e/m for protons
  • The transmutation of lithium
  • The brownian movement
  • Millikan's apparatus
  • Radioactivity
    Relative radioactivity of minerals
    A model Spinthariscope
    Projection type cloud chambers
    Nuclear tracks
  • X-rays
    Optical model experiment
  • Laue spots
  • Spectra
    The grating spectrometer
    x-ray spectra