Chemical Technicians' Ready Reference Handbook


Gershon J. Shugar, Ranald A. Shugar, Lawrence Bauman

Hardcover: 2100 pages

Publisher: McGraw-Hill; ISBN: 0070571759; (1973)

Handbook designed to be an "omnibook" for the chemical technician. It is designed to provide anyone with every single step to be followed when performing normal laboratory procedures.

SECTION 1 Techniques and Procedures

  • What is a chemical technician?
  • Laboratory Techniques and Procedures
  • Heating, Sublimation, Evaporation, and Centrifuging
  • Interjoint Glassware
  • Mechanical Agitation
  • Determination of Physical Properties
  • Basic Chemistry
  • Grades of Purity of Chemicals
  • Basic Concepts in Organic Chemistry
  • The Balance
  • The Technician and his Sample
  • Volumetric Analysis
  • pH Measurement
  • Activity Series of the Metals (The Electromotive Series)
  • An Introduction to Mass Spectrometry
  • Determination of Eelements in Organic Compunds
  • Electricity
  • Useful Tables

SECTION 2 Equipment

SECTION 3 Practical Reference Information

  • Glossary of Imporatnat Terms
  • Metric System
  • Signs and Symbols Commonly used
  • Prefixes Commonly Used
  • Arithmetic
  • The Slide Rule
  • Common Hazardous Chemicals