Practical physics

G.L. Squires

Hardcover: 224 pagina's

Publisher: Cambridge University Press; 3de druk 1988 (1968); ISBN: 0521658209

  1. The object of practical physics
  2. Introduction to errors
  3. Treatment of a single variable
  4. Further topics in statistical theory
  5. Common sense in errors
  6. Some laboratory instruments and methods
  7. An analysis of some experiments
  8. Experimental logic
  9. Common sense in experiments
  10. Record of the experiment
  11. Graphs
  12. Arithmetic
  13. Writing a paper
  14. Appendices

This classic companion to undergraduate practical work in physics describes the purposeful, critical approach that should be made to all physics experiments. It covers the statistical treatment of data and experimental methods, and gives advice on keeping efficient records, calculations, and scientific writing. The text is liberally illustrated with examples and exercises, with solutions to the latter. Although intended for undergraduates, Practical Physics will be of interest to researchers, not only in physics, but in other sciences as well.