Science changes Man

The Developing World

Science Two

J. Stendall

Paperback: 96 pagina's

Uitgever: Longman; (1971); ISBN 058221162x

Door de tekst heen staan verschillende experimenten.


  • The Power of Electricity
    How electricity is amde, how it is distributed, how it is used.
  • The Power of Gas
    How Gas is made. Natural Gas. Power from the sun.
  • Machines Make Work Easier
    The Lever. The Inclined Plane. Friction. Pulleys.
  • The Internal Combustion Engine
  • What a Noise
    How noise is produced. Pitch and vibration. Echoes and the ear.
  • Light for Life
    What is light? The spectrum. Mirrors. Heat and Light.
  • A Supply of Water
    Natural water supplies, oases, springs and artesian wells. Supplying water to towns
  • Public Health
    The Plague and the Great Fire. The Growing awareness of the need for public health. Pollution