The Science of Man

The Developing World

Science One


J. Stendall

Paperback: 95 pagina's

Uitgever: Longman; (1970); ISBN 0582211611

Door de tekst heen staan verschillende experimenten.


  • Where are We?
    The earth in the solar systen. Time
  • The Beginning of Life
    How life began, the Dinosaurs, evolution, classification of living things.
  • Man Alive
    Man as an animal and how he evolved. Races.
  • The Wonder of water
    Dependence of life on water. Water cycle.
  • Puffing and Blowing
    The effect of air on life. The air cycle. Some uses of air.
  • Flames and Smoke
    The effect of fire on human life. The discovery of fire. Purring fires out.
  • Man Must Build
    Man changes common materials into bricks and morta, glass and timber
  • Metals in te Service of Man
    The different properties of metals and thier suitability for various jobs